Feb 272010

It makes me so sad to know that the majority of people are so narrow minded and clueless of thoughtfulness or caring of anyone else but themselves, and on this particular day, the majority of people proved it again.

I found myself walking down Constitution Plaza for lunch after my neighbor and I went to an animal rights event and we were walking down the stairs to go get some lunch during  rush hour which meant that there were nothing but people crammed onto the Plaza steps cascading down and out toward Main St.  While watching my feet so I wouldn’t trip myself (I’m so dang graceful) I couldn’t help but notice about ten steps down in front of me sitting on the Plaza step was something that looked ‘out of sorts’.  First of all, the color stood out, this so-called “object” was black, as it was against the concrete stair of a light cream color step.  As I kept focusing on it (for some unknown reason, as my stomach started to act up) I finally made it to ‘this object’ that turned out to be a pigeon that was not injured, thankfully, but however, just had the sting of his life as he probably slammed into a window and dropped, as is known to happen with pigeons and other birds, as he stunned himself.

What I could not believe is when I stopped, (naturally, for me anyway) I immediately saw that he was alive and just needed a little bit of help, and then looked around, (after picking him up) at everyone running and rushing down all the columns of stairs around the sides of the Plaza steps and all you could see everywhere you looked was PEOPLE!

So, how come NO ONE BUT ME SAW THIS POOR CREATURE THAT SAT HELPLESSLY IN FRONT OF A ZILLION PEOPLE ON THE CONSTITITUTION PLAZA STAIRS? We obviously need to keep spreading the word about animal rights and welfare awareness, and our fight against animal abuse and that the word “neglect” is a form of CRUELTY, and CRUELTY IS AGAINST THE LAW AND THESE PEOPLE MUST BE DEALT WITH AND STIFFER PENALITIES AND FINES HANDED OUT AND MORE JAIL TIME TO BE SERVED! This is the only way that I see to get a hold on ANIMAL AWARENESS AND ANIMAL ABUSE.


Deborah Sweeney is President and CEO of Angel’s Cat Rescue, Inc., and has been a veteran cat rescuer for over 30 years, and has been working at the legislative level fighting for animal rights.